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School Council

We have a number of groups in our school, Mini Vinnes/Chaplaincy, Buddies and Eco Council. We do not have a formal School Council.  For events such as Catholic Schools School Council Day, children are selected from each of our groups. The activities the children do can be found under our Catholic Life or Eco Council buttons.

2016 - 2017

Catholic Schools School Council Day - 13th July

This year our day was hosted by St Monica's School. 

We all had an enjoyable day hearing from other school councils and their activities and asking questions of Councillor Nolan, Cabinet Member for Children and Families, Milton Keynes.

We looked at Milton Keynes' 50th Birthday. We created posters advertising Milton Keynes as a place to live. There were some great ideas! There was discussion about which character/personality traits the children believe our Catholic schools are trying to develop in the children. Are they common across schools and how are they promoted/achieved? I think if was agreed  that almost all applied to any school.

2015 -2016

Catholic Schools School Council Day - 11th July

This year our day was hosted by Bishop Parker School.  We all had an enjoyable day hearing from other school councils and their activities and asking questions of our local MP Iain Stewart.

There was also a presentation of a cheque to THAT (the joint charity) of over £1000. 


The Henry Allen Trust - THAT- Meeting 26th January 2016

St Bernadette's School hosted the meeting of the Catholic Schools School Councils.  The purpose of the meeting was to share ideas for raising funds for the joint charity – The Henry Allen Trust (THAT). This was chosen last year as a charity all catholic schools will raise funds for.  You all came up with brilliant fund raising activities including some joint events. As well as sharing ideas and coming up with some exciting inter-school events, thanks go to St. Paul’s school council for their presentation on E-Safety.  This was informative and raised awareness on e-safety.

Below is a list of some of the ideas put forward:

5K sponsored run at St Paul’s - smaller track for primary students - joint event

Football – sponsored 9 interschool KS1/2 teams

Talent show – Best from each school to put on a show using St. Paul’s School theatre – charged entrance

Swap around mufti day – children dress like teachers and teachers in school uniform

Child to be head teacher

Hobby sharing charge to learn a new hobby e.g. Irish dancing

Culture day and fashion show

Movie night 50p charge with popcorn

Looking forward to seeing some of these events take place!



This years School Council members are:


Cameron yr6

Annie yr6

Coco yr6

Mary yr6

Lily S yr6

Laiba yr5

Teddy yr4

Nicole yr4

Dani yr3

Tia yr3  

Troy yr5

Josh yr3 

Jacob yr2



2014 - 2015

Catholic Schools School Council Day - 16th July

Thank you to St. Mary Magdalene School for hosting this years School Council Day.  Each school presented  a charity which all the schools could support next year and then everyone voted for their favourite (but you could not vote for your own!). The Charities were Sepo, Dream, NSPCC, MK SNAP and The Henry Allen Trust.  We are really pleased that the charity we suggested, The Henry Allen Trust, was chosen!!

We also worked together in mixed groups and drew up a school council charter, had lunch, played on the playground and field and ended the day with the School Council Prayer.

House Fun Run - May 2015

Congratulations Bartres!

Well done to everyone who took part in the House Fun Run, children, staff, families and friends.  Massabielle completed 954 laps, Gave 1144, Nevers 1223 and with a total of 1326 laps, Bartres are the holders of the fun run trophy.














Our sports reporters have been very active as have our sports teams.  We have now moved the reports to their very own page - Sports Reports.  Well done to all our sports and athletics teams who have had a successful year so far! Have a look at the new page click here >>



2013 - 2014

This year we have changed the formation of our school council in order to have greater involvement from all our children. We have many groups who are active in the school.  For school council events, such as the Catholic Schools School Council Day, we have representatives from each of our groups.

2012 -2013

On Tuesday July 16th 2013, St. Bernadettes proudly hosted the Catholic Schools School Council Day. We welcomed the School Council from each of the Catholic Primary Schools in Milton Keynes.  The focus of the day was to share our Mission Statements and what they mean to each school.  We then wrote a prayer for all the school councils ready for next year.

2011 - 2012

St. Bernadette’s Catholic School is proud to have an active School Council. Each class elects a member of the council and as a group they represent all the children’s views. The School Council meets regularly to discuss ideas and helps to gather the views of the children before decisions are made. Successful projects have been the request to have a trim trail which the children felt would keep them fit and keep them busy at playtimes. This idea was so successful that their Trim Trail is now in place and being enjoyed by all the children. The Friends of St. Bernadette helped to raise £4,000 towards the cost.


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Harvest 2011

In our Pupil Voice House Group we are deciding how we can best contribute to the school’s Harvest activities next month. We thanked God for the wonderful vegetables others had grown in St. Bernadette’s garden.



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