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Eco Council

Loving, caring and saving God’s world is our eco mission statement.



We have an Eco group which meets regularly to take action and inform our school of activities which all can get involved in.  This group is made up of representatives from each class from year 1 to year 6 (2 members from each KS2 class and 1 from each KS1 class).

The Eco-Schools Programme is focused around nine key environmental topics, water, biodiversity, energy, global perspectives, healthy living, litter, school grounds, transport and waste.

At St Bernadette’s we are looking at the topics, energy, healthy living, biodiversity and school grounds through a range of activities.  We have activities in school and through our after school activities which look at the different areas of Eco Schools such as gardening, forest school and taking part in POD campaigns e.g. ‘Switch it off fortnight’. We have ‘energy watch’ (an energy usage monitor, linked to our computer network) installed and the children are monitoring our energy usage and now in 2014 have solar panels and can see how we are saving energy!

News 2015/ 2016

March 2016

We’ve taken part in Waste Week and have learnt a lot more about WEEE.

Learning about WEEE in lesson
Telling others about the problem and what they can do about it

Appointing Waste Monitors

Looking at the information on the Eco School noticeboard and posters around the school


The focus of this years waste week is Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment – otherwise known as WEEE.

What electrical items have you used since waking up this morning? Did you even realise that they used electricity? In 2003, – 13 years ago – researchers worked out that the average 14-year-old boy owned 16 electrical and electronic products.

How many gadgets do you think you own? Can you list some of them? Is it more or less than 16? And why do you think this is? 


What do you do with your old gadgets when they’ve stopped working or when you replace an old model for a new and better version?

Do you throw it in the bin?

Put it in a drawer and forget about it?

Give it to somebody else to use?

Recycle it?

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) – to give it its long name – is the term used to describe any old, unwanted or broken items that use electricity.

WEEE is a big problem. We’re so reliant on technology and electrical items that WEEE is the fastest-growing type of waste in this country. In fact, the amount of WEEE we each produce every year in this country weighs more than a seven-year-old boy!

You should never throw your WEEE in the bin. Plastic, metal and glass all take a very, very long time to decompose. But even more importantly, toxic chemicals from our electronic equipment can leak into landfill, which could harm people and wildlife living nearby.

Instead you should reuse or recycle your WEEE. Lots of charities take old electrical items. Or you could take it to your local recycling centre. Or if you’re buying a new version of the same gadget, the company that made it should take back your old model.


November is Energy Month

We have taken part in Energy Month and Switch it off  Fortnight,  Our Caretaker has noticed a big improvement in lights being switched off when rooms are empty. We also took our Eco Monitors to the Anglian Water Education Center at Linslade. KS1 worked inside and learnt about the water cycle and why not everyone has access to clean water.  KS2 children learnt about water recycling and how 'waste' can provide an energy source!


News 2014/2015


March 2015

We have registered to take part in The Pod's Waste Week.  We have received support materials from them and the posters are on display in school.  This year Waste Week Bin News Story Imagethe focus is on food and plastic packaging waste


We have met with Tony Brown, Waste Service Officer, from MK Council about being part of the food recycling service in Milton Keynes.


Our Eco monitors will be launching the use of Green Bins to recycle food waste.


News 2013/2014

One step closer to achieving the Green Flag award

It is with a big thank you to Gazeley and their partners who have donated our new solar panels. May 17th saw the unveiling of our new solar panels and a plaque to

commemorate this generous contribution to our school community.

Our pictures show our new panels and Mr  Nigel Godfrey, Senior Vice President/Executive Director at Gazeley.














News 2012/2013

Gardening/Eco activities

We have a weekly gardening/eco year 1 activity.  The children enjoy planting and weeding our vegetable plot and our planters.

















We have now achieved the Silver Award.  In order to achieve this we met the following criteria:

  1. We have identified an Action Team (our Eco Monitors) which has met on at least four occasions. The Action Team includes a parent (Mrs. Howard) and/or governor representative.
  2. The Action Team has completed a formal Environmental Review and has recorded the results. Our Environmental Review is also posted on ‘The Pod’ website!
  3. The Action Team produced a detailed Action Plan (including timescales and targets) and shared the plan with the rest of the school community. Our Action Plan was pinned to our Eco Schools board,
  4. The Action Team demonstrated progress towards achieving at least two elements of the Action Plan.
  5. The school can identify progress towards one large-scale project and indicate involvement with two others. ‘Identify progress’ means that the school has an understanding of the project topic and recognises its importance to sustainable development within the school environment and the wider community. We have built and developed an Eco Lodge, have given more resources to science and developed our environment and biodiversity with our new garden areas and green house.
  6. The school has a prominent, designated notice board and web pages which details Eco-Schools activities.
  7. The school has informed parents and the wider community about the work being undertaken by the school in relation to Eco-Schools. We have taken part in Green Britain Day and asked members of our community and beyond, to make a ‘green pledge’.
  8. The school can indicate that some environmental issues have been covered within curriculum work in most year groups.
  9. The school has agreed, adopted and displayed an ‘Eco-Code’. Our Eco-Code is – Loving, caring and saving God’s world - and is displayed on our board.

News 2011/2012


Look what our gardeners have been growing.  We are very proud of our Eco achievements this year.

St. Bernadette’s Garden has produced its first harvest. The children planted seeds in the spring and are very pleased with the harvest of carrots, courgettes, onions and tomatoes. Well done to all those involved.



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