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Monkey Maths

'Monkey Maths' is an innovative approach which aims to support the development of early mathematical concepts.


Evidence of success

Within our own school we have seen the impact that the Monkey Maths approach can have on pupils' understanding of basic mathematical understanding over a short period of time.

How do we know it works?

Of the targeted thirteen Foundation Stage pupils, seven achieved the Shape, Space and MeasuresEarly Learning Goal (ELG) and two achieved the Number ELG.  This was following just six weeks of Monkey Maths.  Prior to commencing the Monkey Maths program, none of these pupils were on track to achieve these ELGs.


Academic Year

% achieving Number ELG

% achieving Shape, Space and Measures

2013-2014 (prior to use of Monkey Maths)



2014-2015 (following the six week Monkey Maths intervention)




What does this show?

The results highlight how successful Monkey Maths could be when applied as a short term intervention or over a longer period of time, particularly if introduced at an earlier point in the academic year.


Children need regular opportunities to use and apply mathematics in real life contexts in order to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding of key languages and concepts.

An example of the impact of Monkey Maths on pupil progress and attainment



Monkey Maths in action


Click Here for Monkey Maths Videos



We deliver in-school support to set up the Monkey Maths approach in other schools.

We provide workshops for groups of staff and parents. We also offer opportunities to observe Monkey Maths in action via visits to our school or via access to videos.

Here is some of the feedback we have received.


Contact Us


If you would like more information about Monkey Maths or are interested in setting it up in your own school please contact our

Early Basic Skills Leader, Mrs Fisher:


St Bernadette's Catholic Primary School
Tewkesbury Lane 
Monkston Park
Milton Keynes
MK10 9PH

Tel: 01908 692438