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FS2 Saplings

Welcome to Saplings Class Blog!


In Saplings, the children have been learning to be story tellers and story writers. After sharing the story Jasper’s Beanstalk, the children undertook a number of activities to help retell the story. They learned a rhyme and then made a movie using the IMovie app on the IPads. In colour groups they sourced and arranged the props for each part of the story. With help from their teachers they took a short video of the scene. They found that if they wobbled the IPad it made it look as if Jasper was really moving. Mrs Fisher and Miss Zahedi then used the app to make the movie. The idea behind the movie was to inspire the children to be story writers and write a new ending. What is Jasper going to find at the top of his beanstalk . . .

The children’s next task was to create a scene and take a photo. Is Jasper going to find a World Cup football pitch, a Fairy land or even LEGOLAND at the top of the beanstalk? The children were challenged to be story writers and write a new ending to accompany their photograph.

Watch their movie by clicking below.

Still image for this video