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Thinking of joining St Bernadette's in September 2019 in nursery or reception class? Please see our Admissions Page for tour dates and further information - access this via the 'About Us' tab.
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Vision Statement

St Bernadette's is a welcoming school with a caring, friendly and supportive staff.  Our primary aim is to foster a caring and creative environment where each child can reach his/her full potential, spiritually, socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically so that each child may lead a healthy, productive and meaningful life.


We believe that all children, with the right level of support and challenge, can achieve well.  Here at St. Bernadette's we take into account the needs of each individual pupil and balance this with the collective needs of our school community.  We have the highest expectations for every member of our school family and we provide relevant and rich learning experiences which allow children to succeed.


We encourage children not to fear but to value mistakes.  It is mistakes, after all,  which provide the best learning opportunities.  We expect our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning – right from the start of their journey in Foundation Stage.  


Gospel values underpin our work.  In our school community, we strive to follow in Christ’s footsteps and use the teachings of Christ as an example of how to develop relationships rooted in fairness, compassion and tolerance.  Our school caters for, and warmly welcomes, Catholic children and children of other faiths or no faith.  This makes St. Bernadette's a diverse school community where all children are respected and treated equally.


As a school, we know we will only achieve the best results possible for each child by working closely with their parents and carers.  When home and school work collaboratively,  there will be a significant impact on the progress of our pupils. We want to provide a range of occasions where you can come into school to:


  • celebrate our Catholic ethos and the wonderful work our pupils produce;
  • benefit from teacher presentations so you are fully informed about school life;
  • become involved in workshops which target specific areas of the curriculum or provide additional ways you can support your child (this could be through a whole class invitation or within small groups with parents and pupils working alongside the teacher after school);
  • share your own views on how to make our school even better through a parent forum group.


Together, we make St. Bernadette's’s a positive place for your child; a safe place where everyone can thrive.