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Interested in your child starting school at St Bernadette's in September 2020? We have tours available to attend on Thursday 14th November at 2pm and 5:30pm or 5th December at 2pm or 5:30pm. Please contact the school office to book on.
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Forest School

Forest School


Forest school, is a outdoor education delivery model in which children visit natural spaces to learn personal, social and technical skills. We are delighted to be able to be developing our own Forest Area within our school grounds.


Forest School uses the outdoors as a means to build independence and self-esteem in children.  Topics are cross-curriculum (broad in subject)  including the natural environment, for example the role of tress in society, the complex ecosystem supported by a wilderness, and recognition of specific plants and animals.  However, the personal skills are considered highly valuable, such as teamwork and problem solving.  The outdoor environment may be used ti learn about more abstract concepts such as mathematics and communication.


Benefits of Forest School

  • Improved confidence, social skills,communication, motivation and concentration
  • Improved physical stamina, fine and gross motor skills
  • Positive identity  formation for individuals and communities 
  • Environmentally sustainable behaviours and ecological literacy
  • Increased knowledge of environment, increased frequency of visiting nature within families
  • Healthy and safe risk-taking
  • Improved creativity and resilience 
  • Improved academic achievement and self-regulation 
  • Reduced stress and increased patience, self-discipline, capacity for attention and recovery from mental fatigue
  • Improved higher level cognitive skills 
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