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Year 5


Anti- Bullying Week and Positive Well-being

Viking WOW Day - 21st October 2019

Year 5 had a brilliant day learning about the Vikings. The children had the opportunity to try on clothes and play games that the Vikings would have played including stick wresting and The Mills. We also found out more about the weapons the Vikings used including swords, axes and shields. The children reenacted a Viking battle on the playground and learnt some Viking commands. A wonderful day was had by all. 

First Aid in a day

Both Eagle and Falcon class have enjoyed learning about First Aid. The children participated in a variety of First Aid scenarios including CPR, Dr ABC, treating head injuries and learning how to dress a wound using a bandage. All the children had a brilliant day! Thank you to St. John's ambulance for providing such a fantastic experience. 


During this half term, we have been learning about the Water Cycle.

We conducted and experiment where we used a cling film, glass jar, soil and birdseed to make our own water cycles!

Falcons making sure their measurements are accurate.

Falcon class making sure they get their measurements perfect.


Eagles proud of their work!


Final products

Water Cycle Song

The children love this song about the Water Cycle so much they can sing all the words even without the video playing!

Picture 1