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St Bernadette's is an 'Outstanding Catholic School' (Section 48 Inspection 2021). We are an OFSTED 'Good School' with Outstanding features in 'Behaviour and Attitudes' and 'Personal Development' (Ofsted Inspection 2022)
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Year 6

Our final gymnastics lesson involved getting the wall bars out! The children were very excited and many of the children were even brave enough to conquer their fear of heights!

During World Book Day, Year 6 enjoyed performing a Lewis Carroll poem called The Jabberwocky. Below you will find a selection of videos and photos of the children rehearsing and performing the nonsense poem. Well done to all of the children who performed with such fluency and expression.

Group 1-1 (Compressed).mp4

Still image for this video

Group 2-1 (Compressed).mp4

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A huge well done to Janelle who won our 500 Words Creative Writing Competition! You can read her winning entry below. 

We had great fun today creating freeze frames to tell the story of Jim's life (the main character from our current novel Street Child) on the boat. Super acting everyone - well done!!

Today's science lesson. The children had great fun making their own periscopes!!!

Soap Carving Session - Making a soap sculpture of Queen Victoria. Super perseverance shown by all!!

Year 6 - Science lesson - Making puppet theatres to investigate shadows

Year 6 Performances of 'Please Sir'

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We were very impressed with how hard the children work to learn the very very long poem, 'Please Sir'. Well done everyone!! Fantastic effort!

Mvi 6324- compressed.mp4

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Mvi 6323- compressed.mp4

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Year 6 Residential to Rock UK October 2021

Year 6 Trip to The Caldecotte Experience May 2021

If we are forced to close due to the coronavirus, work will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Please click below for instructions on how to login to Google Classroom

We had a super Smashing Science day today.

Our morning began with a visit from the owners of Tesla cars who kindly gave up their time to tell us about their Tesla cars and show us all their ‘tricks’. 


After break, to link with the Our World Africa theme, we gathered population statistics from several African and European countries and compared these. We also learned how to use our maths skills to calculate population density.


We related population density to where and what natural disasters can occur. To understand how a tornado develops, we made a ‘tornado in a bottle’ and learned about centripetal force.


After lunchtime we continued to think about natural disasters and did our final experiment of the day, the volcanic eruption. This experiment is made by mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar together. Firstly we made a cardboard volcano with a bottle in the middle. We then added bicarbonate of soda, red dye and vinegar to the bottle. The acid and the base form to create carbon dioxide and this is why we were able to make a bubbling effect like a volcano.


We all had a very busy but fun day – and we really did ‘smash’ our science on the first Smashing Science Day of this school year.

Smashing Science Day

PE in Year 6 


To end our Gymnastics unit in PE, we had lots of fun with the large apparatus in the hall. It was great fun climbing the bars and ropes and jumping from the benches. I was very impressed by the gymnastic ability of the children and we had a few children facing their fear of heights!! 

Virtual Reality at St. Bernadette's 


Last week, Year 6 were treated to a Virtual Reality session. It was absolutely fantastic and we were all amazed and blown away by the images that we were able to see. They stepped inside a volcano and learnt about the Pacific Ring of Fire, hot spots and how a volcano erupts, in readiness for our next Our World topic. A wonderful experience had by all! 

Virtual Reality


Escape the Box

Year 6 had a great time during the whole school Maths Day. They were faced with the task of Escaping the Box, where they had to work out and solve a number of maths clues and problems in order to open the locks. It was very challenging and the children worked well together in teams to do solve the clues. A super time had by all!! 

Escape the Box

Anti- Bullying Week and Positive Well-being

Africa Wow Day

We experienced an African Wow day. During the day, the children took part in four different activities designed to fully immerse them in our geography topic. The children made a traditional African dish (Jollof Rice), painted a scene from the Serengeti, researched African countries and took part in a dance and music session.

First Aid Training

Year 6 received First Aid training from St John Ambulance. They received lots of useful advice and techniques and had lots of fun with bandages and CPR dummies. 

Recycled Art

The children at St Bernadette’s are thoroughly enjoying their current school topic – Our World: Our Responsibility.  They enjoyed using recycled materials to create a variety of pieces of art and we saw all sorts of fantastic items including a basketball hoop and even a coat!



CAFOD (Catholic International Development Charity)

Just one world

To enhance our Africa topic, we had visitors from CAFOD to help us understand the daily struggles that many people in Africa face when collecting water for their families. We had a really fun and interesting morning playing a game (Life without Taps) and listening to the stories of what families have to go through. We also found out about how climate change affects the poorest communities around the world. We were so pleased to see how CAFOD helps different communities to help themselves. J