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Year 3

Year 3 had a day of celebration with a focus on mathematics this week in school. They participated in a class TTRockstars Battle, Kangaroo Class v Panda Class, which was lots of fun using technology too. They also played other games on the iPad to explore other aspects of learning in the topic and mostly enjoyed using assorted games and hands-on resources in the classroom to interact with peers while discussing what they were doing, using lots of mathematical language. Some children planted seeds linking learning to measurement - they will come back to these after the Easter break to monitor growth; developing their knowledge and understanding about what plants need to grow well and apply measuring skills during their observations.

Mathematics Celebration Day 2021

Stone Age WOW Day


In Year 3, we had a whole day dedicated to immersing ourselves in our new Our World topic of The Stone Age.

We learned about the world's first artists and the struggles they faced to create their amazing artworks.

- How did they make paints?

- What materials did they use to paint?

- What did they paint?

- We learnt how to model with clay to create Neolithic pots.

- We used slip to smooth our designs.

- We explored a variety of patterns and textures to decorate the pots.



We even recreated some of their art work ourselves - creating a beautiful mural in the classroom.


The children in Panda Class really enjoyed learning about how clay pots were made during the Stone Age as part of our Wow Day celebration. They each designed and created their own clay pot using the thumb pinch method and were creative in the way they choose to decorate them using assorted tools. They also learnt about cave paintings and created their own pictures exploring colour after learning about rocks and pigmentation sources that would have been used by Stone Age people. We also created a community piece of wall art with lots of hands to recreate the style of Stone Age artwork.

Panda Class Stone Age Wow Day 2021

STEM Day in Panda Class - Help Santa Save the North Pole. We worked together in teams to design our own 'cardboard creation' to help worried Santa to save the North Pole from Climate Change. We thought about problems we could help to resolve issues heating the planet and went on to then build our creations and then present to the rest of the class. #SantaLovesSTEM

If we are forced to close due to the coronavirus, work will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Please click below for instructions on how to login to Google Classroom

Anti- Bullying Week and Positive Well-being