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Current guidance regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found under the 'Well-being and Safety' tab.
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Year 3

If we are forced to close due to the coronavirus, work will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Please click below for instructions on how to login to Google Classroom

Anti- Bullying Week and Positive Well-being

The Year 3 children have been writing their own Limericks at home


A fantastic Limerick about our fantastic school


We can't wait to be back either!



Our school is a great place to be,

With fun things to do and to see,

But Boris did say,

At home we must stay,

Can’t wait to be back when we are free!


By Robert and Matthew


Stone Age WOW Day - 16/01/2020


In year 3, we had a whole day dedicated to immersing ourselves in our new Our World topic of The Stone Age.

We learned about the world's first artists and the struggles they faced to create their amazing artworks.

- How did they make paints?

- What materials did they use to paint?

- What did they paint?

- We learnt how to model with clay to create Neolithic pots.

- We used slip to smooth our designs.

- We explored a variety of patterns and textures to decorate the pots.



We even recreated some of their art work ourselves - creating a beautiful mural in the classroom.


WOW Day pictures - 16/01/2020

Tea Staining Paper - 13/01/2020


In preparation for our WOW day, the children of Kangaroo class spent the afternoon tea-staining paper to give it an ancient, weathered look.