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St Bernadette's is an 'Outstanding Catholic School' (Section 48 Inspection 2021). We are an OFSTED 'Good School' with Outstanding features in 'Behaviour and Attitudes' and 'Personal Development' (Ofsted Inspection 2022)
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To contact a member of staff by email, use surname followed by first initial followed by


Please be aware a number of our staff members work part time. No staff member is expected to check or answer work-related emails outside of their working hours, at weekends or when off sick. 


Senior Leadership Team (SLT) 

Mrs J Zamora - Head Teacher

Mrs M Smith - Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs R Morris - Early Years Leader

Mrs Z Romans - Inclusion Manager

Mrs J Pughe - RE Leader

Mrs R Delaney - School Business Manager


Office Staff

Mrs K Guess - Administrative Assistant

Miss K Robinson - Administrative Assistant


Nursery (FS1) - Acorns  

Mrs R Morris - Class Teacher/Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs H Perrin - Nursery Nurse

Miss S Fletcher - Class Teacher

Mrs T Forman - Nursery Nurse

Mrs C Richardson - Teaching Assistant


Reception (FS2) - Saplings Bernadette

Mrs M Fisher - Class Teacher/Basic Skills Leader

Mrs L Dalton - Class Teacher

Mrs L Tyerman - Nursery Nurse


Reception (FS2) - Saplings Lourdes

Mrs R Irvine - Class Teacher

Ms J Carey - Nursery Nurse


Year 1 - Seahorse

Miss H Lewington - Class Teacher

Mrs C Agnel - Teaching Assistant


Year 1 - Starfish

Mrs H Jamieson - Class Teacher 

Mrs J Rodriguez-Pineada - Teaching Assistant


Year 2 - Turtle

Mrs Z Romans - Class Teacher/Inclusion Manager

Ms C Sohal - Class Teacher

Mrs S Crompton - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs A Abiola - Teaching Assistant


Year 2 - Dolphin

Mrs A Perkins - Class Teacher

Mrs D Julian - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 - Panda

Mrs A Bond - Class Teacher

Mrs A Kent - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 - Kangaroo

Mr K Stewart - Class Teacher

C Evison  - Teaching Assistant


Year 4 - Lion

Mr J Waghorne - Class Teacher 

Mrs A Enright  - Teaching Assistant


Year 4 - Leopard

Mr M Cowan - Class Teacher

Mrs M Dyett - Teaching


Year 5 - Eagle

Mr A Sangle - Class Teacher

Mrs P Chennan - Teaching Assistant


Year 5 - Falcon

Mrs J McGinn - PPA Teacher/STEM team

Mrs G Patel - Class Teacher/STEM Team

Mrs S Moore - Teaching Assistant


Year 6 - Comets

Miss M McNally - Class Teacher/English Leader

Mrs D Perry - Teaching Assistant


Year 6 - Meteors

Mrs J Pughe - Class Teacher/RE Leader

Mrs K Iskrzynska - Teaching Assistant


PPA Teachers

Mrs C Rodricks - STEM team

Mrs S Crompton

Mrs A Abiola


Specialist Staff

Mr M Marchant - Sports Coach

Mrs C Nelta - HLTA & French Teacher

Mrs T Lowe - HLTA & Forest Schools Leader


Pastoral and SEND

Mrs Z Romans - Inclusion Manager

Mrs C Potter - Learning Mentor

Mrs N Rankin - SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Drakeley - SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Brown - SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs E Goddard - SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Ofori-Addo - SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Denieffe - SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss C Dereva - SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss A Fajojuto - SEND Teaching Assistant


Site Team

Mr C Smith - Site Manager

Ms Cudrea - Cleaner

Cleaning Agency Staff from Workplace Cleaning


Lunchtime Team

Miss R Boatemaa - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss A Fajojuto - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs L Moore - Lunchtime Supervisor


Breakfast and Afterschool Club Staff

Mrs D Perry and Mrs M Dyett - Managers

Mrs R Rodriguez - Play Worker

Mrs R Boatemaa - Play Worker

Miss S Crompton - Play Worker