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Interested in your child starting school at St Bernadette's in September 2020? We have tours available to attend on Thursday 14th November at 2pm and 5:30pm or 5th December at 2pm or 5:30pm. Please contact the school office to book on.
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Nursery (FS1) - Acorns  

Mrs Morris - Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Perrin

Miss Fletcher

Mrs Foreman


Reception (FS2) - Saplings Bernadette

Mrs Fisher - Basic Skills Leader

Mrs Tyerman

Mrs Richardson


Reception (FS2) - Saplings Lourdes

Mrs Zahedi

Ms Carey

Mrs Richardson


Year 1 - Seahorse

Mrs Patel

Mrs Homer

Miss Whitehouse


Year 1 - Starfish

Miss Moore - Teacher in training under supervision of Mrs Smith

Mrs Rodriguez-Pineada

Mrs Ofori-Addo


Year 2 - Turtle

Mrs Perrett - Maths Leader

Mrs Agnel

Mrs Mendez


Year 2 - Dolphin

Mrs Ottaway

Mrs Julian

Mrs Denieffe


Year 3 - Panda

Mrs Bond

Mrs Dyett

Mrs Goddard


Year 3 - Kangaroo

Mr Stewart

Mrs Held

Mrs Kent

Mr Bass


Year 4 - Lion

Mrs Parry

Mrs Moore


Year 4 - Leopard

Mrs Perkins

Mrs Munford

Mrs Kley


Year 5 - Eagle

Mr Sangle

Mrs Chennan


Year 5 - Falcon

Mrs Molloy _ Student Teacher Mentor

Mrs Romans - Inclusion Manager

Mrs Iskrzynska


Year 6 - Comets

Miss McNally - English Leader

Mrs Enright

Mrs Drakeley


Year 6 - Meteors

Mrs Pughe - RE Leader

Mrs Perry


Mrs Zamora - Head Teacher

Mrs Smith - Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Stedman - Finance Manager

Mrs Delaney - Office Manager

Mrs Oldfield - Administrative Assistant

Mrs Rockell - Administrative Assistant

Mr Harding - Site Manager

Mr Marchant - Sports Coach

Mrs Lazzari - Temporary Learning Mentor

Mrs Potter - Learning Mentor


Mrs Rankin - Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss Harrison - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Koomson - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Joseph - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms Soltanian - Lunchtime Supervisor