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Our Curriculum

During the Summer Term of 2019, we carried out an extensive review of our wider curriculum with the following aims:


  • The wider curriculum promotes personal development and wellbeing and supports pupils’ sense of responsibility as citizens of Milton Keynes, the UK and the world.
  • The curriculum is ambitious, inspiring and of high quality and promotes high expectations for all groups of pupils  with priority focus on improving outcomes for the vulnerable, disadvantaged and those with SEN
  • Lessons are coherently planned and sequenced to ensure pupils build up  relevant skills and knowledge for next stages of learning
  • Pupils are able to demonstrate that they can remember knowledge taught long term and apply and extend it in new contexts


With this is mind, we have developed the 'Our World Curriculum' which ensured cross-curricular links and meaningful learning opportunities through topic based learning. Every year group will have a main overarching theme for each term:

Term 1: Our World - Our Responsibility

Term 2: Our World - The People and Events that Shaped it

Term 3: Our World - Learning from the Past and Shaping the Future


We are very grateful to the parents and governors who attended our Wider Curriculum Consultation and Information Evening on 13th October at 5:30 pm. Please find below a copy of the slides that were shared. We are keen to hear your views and work together with with your in shaping this exciting, inspiring curriculum for our children.

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