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Marvellous Maths


We want children to be secure in their knowledge and understanding of maths and fluent in their application of it, so that they can find enjoyment in solving mathematical problems with growing confidence and have the necessary skills to move on successfully to the next stage of their education.


Through use of our curriculum progression document for mathematics and whole school use of White Rose Hub yearly overviews, we are able to ensure that children take part in lessons that are carefully sequenced in order to build on their knowledge and understanding of maths. Learning is regularly revisited through morning work, homework and in lessons to help children become secure in mathematical procedures so that they become embedded in their memories. Reasoning and problem solving is a consistent feature of our teaching, helping children to develop a deeper understanding of the connections between mathematical concepts, as well as learn to tackle mathematical problems they may encounter in the next stage of their education or in adult life. Formal assessments, data analysis and daily, in-class observations inform planning so that sequences of lessons meet the needs of their class. This assessment also helps to identify children who may be struggling with their learning. These children benefit from pre-teaching, differentiated learning, flexible grouping, and when necessary, intervention groups that target understanding of a specific concept. Teachers use modelling regularly to achieve different outcomes: to demonstrate a new procedure; to check fluency in a method; to challenge thinking about a concept to reach a deeper level of understanding.


We want our children to grow into confident users of mathematics and strive to ensure application is threaded through all areas of our curriculum and experiences with maths are put into real life contexts.

To inspire a love and appreciation of mathematics and an understanding of its role in day-to-day life, we have introduced special maths enrichment days through the school year. These days focus on exhilarating and exciting problem solving and promote teamwork. Our STEM days will also help to inspire mathematicians for the future.

Children can complete home learning online, via ‘Professor Assessor’ (See the link below). They can also access TT Rockstars online to learn their times tables in a fun and engaging way.

Below you will find leaflets with suggestions on how to make maths fun, relevant and accessible at home.

Click below to see our Mathematics Long Term Plan for each year group:

Click on the link below to find out more about our wider curriculum