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St Bernadette's is an 'Outstanding Catholic School' (Section 48 Inspection 2021). We are an OFSTED 'Good School' with Outstanding features in 'Behaviour and Attitudes' and 'Personal Development' (Ofsted Inspection 2022)
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FS2 Saplings

Autumn Walk 18.10.22

Using our senses to explore the natural world and observe seasonal changes.

The children had a wonderful time on their autumn walk to the local park. We were blessed with the weather and enjoyed the most beautiful warm and bright autumn afternoon (although the children were disappointed that they could not wear their hats, gloves and scarves).

The children were able to tick off most of the items on their 'Autumn Hunt Checklist' and were most excited to see so many squirrels foraging for food. They partially enjoyed collecting the abundance of conkers, so much so that one of the bags we used for collecting items broke. I did notice a few going into pockets so please check the pockets before washing any school uniform (but who can resist picking up shiny conkers?)

They were also fascinated with the different shapes and colours of the many fungi we found in one area of the walk. They explored their sense of touch by finding soft, springy moss, sharp, prickly prickly leaves and smooth round conkers. We heard dogs barking, children laughing and aeroplanes flying. There were so many things to see with an amazing array of different colours, shapes and sizes of leaves. The children enjoyed smelling the fresh, warm air but the old, damp leaves, not so much.

A big big thank you to our lovely parent helpers for making our walk possible, we really enjoyed sharing this experience with you and hope you will join us on future seasonal walks and trips.

STEAM Week 10th - 14th October
VW project

This week we have had a visit from VW to explore electric cars. On Monday we were very excited to arrive in school to see some very impressive and expensive cars on our playground. The children enjoyed looking at the cars and finding out lots of information about how electric cars work, why it is important that we all move towards owning electric cars and how they work. We learned that they are very expensive, one of the cars cost £87,O00 and also were astounded how quiet they were. It was very thought provoking to think that by the time the children would be learning to drive all cars would be electric.

During the week we have had enormous fun experimenting how far our toy cars could travel and finding ways of recording this. We also demonstrated fabulous engineering skills whilst designing, building and testing model cars.

Wear it Wild Day 04.10.22


What an amazing array of wild animals came to school today and al in the aid of a good cause!  We learned all about endangered animals and how each and every one of us can help to protect the animals in our environment.  We had a fun filled day in which we explored how animals move in a P.E. lesson. made aniimal masks, had an under the sea water tray, safari park small world set, worked colaboratively to build safe enclosures for animals and signed a pledge. . .


I promise to look after our Earth and all the creatures in it.


I will not hurt any animal.


I will not drop litter.


On top of all that we raised money for a the WWF to help people and nature to thrive together for generations to come.  Well done Saplings and thank you for your donations.