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St Bernadette's is an 'Outstanding Catholic School' (Section 48 Inspection 2021). We are an OFSTED 'Good School' with Outstanding features in 'Behaviour and Attitudes' and 'Personal Development' (Ofsted Inspection 2022)
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FS2 Saplings

Signs of Spring Walk in the Local Area.  Monday 19.04.21


What a beautiful afternoon for a spring walk in the local park.  The Sapling classes enjoyed the warm spring sunshine as they looked for signs of spring.  They compared how the local park looked in the autumn and now in spring.  Once again the children were able to tick off nearly all the items on their Spring Hunt Checklist.  They saw, birds and insects, a variety of spring flowers, flower buds and blossom, they managed to find nests in trees and also noticed green leaves and buds on trees.  The one thing we were most hoping to see were some lambs in the fields, but unfortunately we were not lucky enough to do so.  Maybe the children will see some lambs when they go on walks with their families.  Please do send in any photographs if you do.


The children also really enjoyed helping to look after God's wonderful world by litter picking in the park and surrounding area.  We were very pleased to note that we did not find much litter in the park!  Sadly we did find lots of litter around our school and the local shops.  Well done children for showing such enthusiasm for picking up all of the rubbish.


The children would also like to say a big thank you to the wonderful parents who came with us on our walk today.  Your support to help us to enjoy our walk was much appreciated.  Thank you very much.


Saplings Maths Day 22.03.21


 The children came to school dressed as their favourite Numberblock and spent the day engaging in fun filled mathematical activities.  We shared the story How Big is a Dinosaur, and measured a huge dinosaur with hands, feet, tape measures and cubes.  Some children weighed 'dinosaur' eggs, helped Harry count dinosaurs into buckets and made dinosaur shape pictures. 


Other children  made Numberblock masks, models, stick puppets, created large Numberblocks for a display and went on a Numberblock scavanger hunt in our outdoor classroom.


We explored positional language by listening to the story We are going on an Easter Egg Hunt, and used positional language to give and follow instructions to place Easter eggs in, behind, next to, in front or between Easter baskets.  


The children enjoyed Maths in the outdoor classroom, counting out natural objects, making numbers with Numicon and marbles, exploring number bonds to ten with large Numicon, numbers in the water tray and number rubbing with wax crayons.


We even incorporated a little bit of STEM, with children using wooden semi circular shapes to create a ramp for cars.








If we are forced to close due to the coronavirus, work will be uploaded to Google Classroom. Please click below for instructions on how to login to Google Classroom

Our Little Garden

The children have planted a variety of fruits and vegetables including:

  • potatoes
  • strawberries
  • rhuhbarb
  • pumpkins
  • carrots
  • brussel sprouts 
  • sunflowers​​​​​​​

With the arrival of the warmer weather it has been very exciting to see the plants and seeds begin to grow, and we look forward to eating the fruits of our labours. 

Our Little Garden

Visiting Story Teller


We had a special visitor today!  Martha came and told us a very interactive story all about dinosaurs.  We had enormous fun joining in with the actions and became totally immersed in the whole experience.  Thank you Martha for such a wonderful story time.


Smashing Science Day - inspiring future scientists.

Freeing the dinosaurs from the ice experiment


We started the day by thinking about our new topic, dinosaurs.  The children learned about the time the dinosaurs walked the earth. They explored the theory of an event that shaped the future; when a giant asteroid crashed into the earth.  One theory is that this caused widespread climate change and resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs.  We conducted an experiment to investigate how to free dinosaurs from ice blocks.  We were introduced to the concept of a fair test; the toy dinosaurs and containers were the same size as was the volume of solution. The variable that changed was the type of solution, warm water, cold water, salty water and sand water. One block of ice we left without adding a solution. The children poured one solution on to each one of the ice blocks and returned after 15 minutes.  The children noted that the warm water was most effective at melting the ice, with the salt water a close second.  We were very intrigued to notice that the sand water was a good insulator and prevented the ice from melting.


Seasonal Walk


We looked at winter photographs in preparation for our seasonal walk. We discussed that it was nearly the end of winter and that it had been a very mild winter.  As a result it was decided to that we would work in pairs, one child would look for signs of winter and one child would look for signs of spring.  During the walk, we noticed spring flowers, blossom and buds on trees rather than ice and frost, we concluded that we saw more signs of spring than winter.


Visitor from Whipsnade Zoo


After lunch, Holly from Whipsnade Zoo gave us a fascinating talk about her role as a zoo keeper.  She also introduced us to a tortoise and the concept of hibernation.


Don't Hog the Hedge


We continued with the the theme of hibernation by listening to the story, 'Don't Hog the Hedge'. This was about how a hedgehog prepared his hedge ready for his long hibernation sleep.  After the story we went to the Forest School  to build a 'Hedgehog Hotel', from a cardboard box, tarpaulin, shredded newspaper, leaves and twigs.  We discussed that this activity was better undertaken in the autumn. The children also created a craft version of a Hedgehog Hotel' to take home.


The children really enjoyed their day as a young scientist and we are hopeful that this day has encouraged a lifelong interest in STEM.


Children's Mental Health Week

Find Your Brave

Cinderella Pantomime

We all know that having fun is good for our mental health, so that is exactly what we did during Children's Mental Health Week.  We invited a touring theatre company to put on a Cinderella pantomime. The children had a wonderful time watching the show. It was also an engaging way to explore another traditional tale during our 'Traditional Tales' topic.  The production was lively and entertaining. The children were an amazing audience and were fully immersed in the show. The laughter, excitement and involvement of the children was a joy to watch.

The theatre company made links to the theme,  Find Your Brave, and talked about how much courage Cinderella had demonstrated.

After the show we had a class discussion on the children's favourite scenes and characters, they then enthusiastically drew a picture of their favourite character/s. 

Children's Mental Health Week


The Sapling classes have had a wonderful week exploring different ways in which they can 'Find Their Brave', from speaking in a loud voice in class to climbing high on the climbing frame.  Many Bernadette Beads for courage have been awarded to the children.  We have also had a visit from 'Super Susie' who told us how 'SUPER' we all were.  Each one of us was able to say out loud and with pride something we were 'SUPER' at.  The children then drew what they were super at, on a 'Super Me Shield'.   Please do take some time to look at our 'Super Me' display to see what your child and their friends are 'SUPER' at.


Signs of Autumn Walk and Litter Pick


The children had a wonderful time observing the signs of autumn during a walk around the local park. They were able to tick off nearly all of the items on their 'Autumn Hunt Checklist', apart from a squirrel, and believe it or not, pine cones.  Whilst we were out and about we reflected on our prior learning about our five senses.  Some of the children's comments included,

"The conker shells felt prickly."  The mud smelt disgusting." "The sky is white and it is like home time."  "The wind feels cold."  "I can hear the wind."  "I liked the orange leaves."  "The water looks fast." (river)  "I saw tiny green apples."  "I found a shiny conker."  


We also reflected on taking responsibility for looking after our parks. We discussed the importance of not dropping litter and  using the bins provided or taking our rubbish home.  Mr Harding helped us conduct a 'Litter Pick' in the park.  Thank you for helping us Mr Harding.  


All the children would also like to say a big than you to the parent helpers who accompanied us on the walk.  This exciting outdoor learning could not have taken place without them generously giving their time to help us.  We hope they had a lovely time.


Finally we would like to say a big thank you to our grown ups for providing us with the correct cold weather clothes, we were all lovely and warm even on a day that was cold and wet.









Author Rebecca Freeman visits the Saplings.


On Friday 25th the Sapling classes were very excited to welcome the author Rebecca Freeman. We had a fabulous time listening to her wonderful stories about two hens called Porridge and Cornflakes.  We were amazed to learn that not only had Rebecca written these stories, but that she had  illustrated them too.  The Sapling children have been inspired to become writers and illustrators, and can't wait to have a go at writing our own stories during the coming year.  We would like to say a big thank you to Rebecca Freeman and to Mrs Forman for organising this visit.

Mini Beast Hunt
The children had great fun becoming intrepid explorers as they embarked on a mini beast hunt in the Forest School. The aim was to discover insects and observe them in their natural habitats. The children set off armed with bug pots, magnifying glasses and a checklist.  They found a wide range of insects including; ants, worms, slugs, snails, woodlice, spiders, beetles, aphids, caterpillars, flies and best of all spiderlings. 
The children took photos and videos of each other and these were used to create a movie.  Have fun watching their epic adventures.

Sapling Lourdes Yellow Group

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Sapling Lourdes Red Group

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Sapling Lourdes Green Group

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Sapling Lourdes Orange Group

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Sapling Lourdes Blue Group

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Sapling Bernadettes - Orange Group

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Sapling Bernadettes - Blue Group

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Sapling Bernadettes - Borys and Ryan

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Sapling Bernadettes - White Group

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Sapling Bernadettes Brown Group

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