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St Bernadette's is an 'Outstanding Catholic School' (Section 48 Inspection 2021). We are an OFSTED 'Good School' with Outstanding features in 'Behaviour and Attitudes' and 'Personal Development' (Ofsted Inspection 2022)
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Absence Procedures

Absence and Withdrawals
If your child is ill please email the office at : or telephone 01908 692438 on the first day of illness before 9.00 am and follow up the call with a written note on your child’s return to school.
Please use the following information as a guide when deciding when your child
is fit to return to school:

Chickenpox: Six days from onset of rash.
Conjunctivitis: It is not necessary to be absent from school
Vomiting and/or Diarrhoea: Forty eight hours from last bout of sickness.
Impetigo: Needs medication until the skin heals.
Measles: Four days from onset of rash.
Mumps: Minimum of seven days
Verrucae: Verrucae must be covered, no absence necessary
Whooping Cough: Twenty one days from onset of cough.


Appointments in School Time
All routine medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours For hospital and urgent appointments, a parent, or adult known to the school, must collect the child and written notification from the medical professional should be presented to the school office. No child will be allowed to leave during school hours unless signed out by the accompanying adult. 
If you need to send a different adult to the one who usually collects your child, you must provide them with a password which you are required to share with the school office.


We expect 100% attendance and will not authorise any holidays taken during term time. Leave of absence for other exceptional occasions may be formally requested via the school form obtained from the school office but will not be sanctioned automatically. The school is judged by its attendance percentages and if you join St. Bernadette’s it is expected that you will want to contribute to the highest possible attendance for your child. Excellent attendance gives your child the best possible opportunity for maximum social and academic achievements. 


Attendance Concerns

If your child's attendance drops below 95%, for whatever reason, this becomes a concern for his or her academic and social wellbeing. In such cases, you will be contacted by the Headteacher highlighting these concerns. Any attendance figure lower than 90% is recognised by the Department for Education as Persistent Absenteeism and is cause for great concern due to the negative impact upon a child's education. In such circumstances, it will be necessary for the parents / carers to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to ensure a plan is put in place to improve your child's attendance.